Pre-planned catering menus for every occasion

Our pre-designed menus are guaranteed to leave your guests delighted, regardless of the occasion. Simply browse through our selection, choose the menu that suits your needs, and reserve it with ample time in advance.


Tomato Salad Catering


A wide choice of "Land" (meat), "Sea" (fish and seafood) or "Garden" (vegetarian) options available.

Grilled pancetta with date and apricot

Spiced beef wontons with a sweet chilli dipping sauce

Smooth duck parfait with a fresh red currant sauce

Chicken and sweetcorn fritter with a chipotle mayonaise

Mini Albondigas in a fresh tomato and thyme sauce

Marinated chicken in lime served with a peanut satay sauce

Serrano jamon croquettas served with an allioli

Tempura of prawn with a soy, ginger, chilli, dipping sauce

Mini prawn cocktails with a wasabi mayonaise and edamame

Smoked salmon blinis with sour cream

Fried calamari with allioli

Green chilli and lime prawn wontons with sesame seeds

Mini Gazpacho with parmesan cheese

Mini salmorejo with garlic croutons

Spiced onion bhaji with a smooth mango chutney

Falafel with a fresh mint and yoghurt sauce

Parmesan filo crisp with roasted beetroot and feta cheese

Aranancini balls with a sun-dried tomato and mozzarella

Price €15 per person

A selection of any 5 canapés

Serrano Ham Catering

The Silver Selection

Any 5 homemade Canapes (see canape menu) +. Starters, Main Dishes, Side Dishes and Dessert.

Freshly cut Spanish Serrano ham with a micro salad, warm asparagus and award-winning Spanish Manchego cheese shavings.


Salmorejo – famous cold tomato soup from Cordoba. Creamy tomato soup with crispy pancetta, quail egg andparmesan cheese shavings.


Marinated fresh salmon ceviche - tiger milk marinade, sweet red chilli, fresh coriander, pickled red onions

Baked fresh, locally sourced Lubina in filo pastry with a cream coconut and lime sauce

Baked chicken wellington-supreme of chicken wrapped in puff pastry, Serrano ham, and mushrooms, served with Madeira wine juice. Slow-cooked organic cherry tomatoes with feta cheese, basil and olive oil.

All main courses are served with a selection of freshly prepared vegetables. Sugar snap peas, glazed baby carrots.

Baked creamed dauphinoise potato and freshly baked artisan breads.

Glazed raspberry creme brulee with orange liqueur

Price €65 per person

Pork Chops Catering

The Gold Selection

Any 5 homemade Canapes (see canape menu) + Tapas, Main Dishes, Side Dishes and Desserts.

Beef Albondigas/meatballs in a rich tomato and thyme sauce

Gambas Pil Pil with warm crusty bread

Freshly cut Serrano ham

Award winning sliced Manchego cheese

Green pepper and onion tortilla

Spinach and cream cheese croquettas

Marinated Olives

Grilled locally sourced Lubina/seabass with wild thyme

Stuffed organic red bell pepper with wild wood mushroomsrisotto served with parmesan shavings

Whole roasted finest Spanish fillet steak, sliced and served with a choice of Chimichurri, Bearnaise sauce or peppercorn sauce

Long stem broccoli

Freshly baked artisan breads

Baby carrots

Baked creamed dauphinoise potatoes

Marinated strawberries, raspberries, blackberries

Lemon mascarpone with grand marnier

Triple chocolate brownie

Vanilla ice cream

Price €70 per person

Sausages Catering Menu

Show Cooked BBQ

We set up a barbecue and cook live in front of your guests.

Whole roasted finest Spanish fillet steak served with a choice of Chimichurri, Bearnaise or peppercorn sauce

Marinated sollomillo of Pork kebabs in lemon ,and thymeSpicy pinchos chicken fillet skewers

Prime Argentinian sausages

Grilled fresh salmon fillets with lemon and olive oil

Grilled skewer of king prawns in shell with allioli

Grilled skewer of aubergine, courgette, red onion with a fresh walnut and garlic pesto sauce

Tabouleh couscous with soft dried fruits, lemon, fresh mint

Hot baby minted new potatoes with butter

Hot baby minted new potatoes with butter

Caesar salad-Romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, caesar dressing freshly grated parmesan cheese

Greek salad-Organic Spanish tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, flaked feta cheese, black olives

South American coleslaw-white and red cabbage, carrot, lime juice, fresh coriander, mayonnaise

Chocolate and dark Jamaican rum mousse

Organic apple and blueberry crumble

Marinated strawberries, raspberries

Vanilla ice cream

Price €50 per person

Paella Menu Catering

A taste of Spain

We set up a paella cooking show in front of your guests and prepare two different paellas.

Spanish meat paella chicken thigh, chorizo sausage,belly of pork, organic sweet red peppers, rice

Spanish sea food paella, fresh fish, and shellfish,mussels, clams, cod, king prawns, organic sweet yellow peppers, rice

Freshly cut lemons

Freshly baked artisan breads

A selection of mixed lettuce leaves-romaine, roquette, oakleaf, balsamic and olive oil dressing

South American coleslaw - red and white cabbage,grated carrot, fresh lime juice, coriander, mayonnaise

Organic Spanish tomato salad with garlic and parsley

Price €30 per person

Cooking time 7 hours


Refuel with these tasty bites. Perfect for small events and parties.

Wagyu Beef Mini Burger on Toasted Brioche Bun | French Fries

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork with Glazed Pepper Honey

Beetroot Burger on Toasted Brioche | Tomato & Ginger Chutney

Spicy Argentinian Sausage with Dijon mustard, Soft bun

Marinated Lamb Kofta, Tabouleh, Mint Yoghurt

Falafel on Toasted Flat Bread, Zesty Lemon & Yoghurt

Baby Red Pepper stuffed with Local Goat Cheese, Citrus Greens

Marinated Jerk Chicken with Tomato Salsa

Chicken Skewer Piri Piri

Marinated Goujons of Breaded Rosada (white fish) with aCucumber and Caper Mayo

French Fries

King Prawn or Chicken Fajita | Pico de Gallo & Guacamole

Slow Roasted Pulled Pork Tacos with Fresh Coriander

Quesadilla | Mushroom & Cheddar on Corn Flour Tortilla

Price €30 per person

Choose any 5


Price €15 per person

Choose any 2

Hog Roast Catering

Hog Roast

A delicious way to feed a large group of people. The process involves slowly roasting a whole pig over an open flame, which results in tender and juicy meat with a crispy exterior.

Slow cooked Hog

Includes homemade almond and apricot stuffing.


Apple Sauce

Spanish tomato and feta cheese salad with black olives

Roasted vegetable couscous with rosemary and thyme

South American coleslaw – red and white cabbage, grated carrot, lime juice, coriander, mayonnaise

Mixed lettuce leaf salad – romaine, roquette, oak-leaf, balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Freshly baked artisan breads

Price €30 per person