Your Perfect Wedding Menu

Purple Pepper has catered hundreds of weddings. After all of this experience, what’s the one thing that we know? We know that each and every wedding was completely different, and incredibly special in its own unique way.

If we were to give you one peace of advice, it would be to take some time to make it personal. This applies to everything about the wedding. Including the catering. Will your wedding be formal or more fluid? Are you planning on a plated, sit-down meal? What is your favourite food, or flavour, or course or even colour?

Remember that everybody has a budget. Don’t be shy about sharing your preferred expenditure with us. We’ll then work with you to find the best food solutions for that amount of money. Of course it also depends on how many guests you plan to invite. So, be prepared with an approximate number and we’ll provide some menu recommendations. We’ve catered for everything from small intimate groups, all the way through to 5,500 people.

Food allergies and restrictions are a fairly normal part of any event today. It is worth asking your guests ahead of time if they have any intolerances that need to be considered. Don’t worry, we can work around whatever food needs you or your guests have.

Feel free to request a menu tasting before the big day. Purple Pepper will always be happy to spend time with you, making sure that your choices reflect exactly who you are. The more we get to know you, the more perfect your event will be!

Remember, we want your wedding to be enjoyable, just as much as you do!

Contact us for more information on Purple Pepper Catering for weddings large or small.