How much does catering a private event cost?

Well, it depends on quite a few factors. Take the time to discuss your preferences with your caterer, and make sure that you choose a team that really listens…

Be honest about how much you’d like to spend and how many guests you’re expecting. And the more information that you can provide about your favourite foods beforehand, the better.

For example, a “surf and turf” dinner (steak and lobster) would be a lot more expensive than paella or noodles. However, being more economical doesn’t automatically mean being less remarkable. It just depends on the setting. Purple Pepper Catering is able to provide a wide variety of menus and will help with all of the finer details of your wedding or event, to ensure that it is a truly memorable day.

Canapés can be served for only 15€ per person, with a wide selection of food choices including tempura of prawns, smooth duck parfait, and fried calamari.

A show-cooked barbecue is available for 50€ per person, with whole roasted finest Spanish fillet steak served with a choice of Chimichurri, Bearnaise or peppercorn sauce and marinated solomillo of Pork kebabs in lemon, and thyme spicy pinchos chicken fillet skewers plus prime Argentinian sausages. Our guests always greatly enjoy the visual aspect of this tasty menu.

Of course, the Gold Selection Menu is a true culinary experience with a huge range of canapés, tapas, main courses, side dishes and desserts. Impress your guests for 70€ per person.

This is only a small introduction to the menus provided by Purple Pepper Catering. They are many more options available to suit all budgets. Read the full details of our menus here.